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Our mission is to Eradicate Energy Poverty, improving household economic outcomes by providing affordable and efficient clean lighting and cooking solutions! We create jobs, empower women, assure health and education quality for children and families from the communities we work with!

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Meet Joseph Odindo for a journey with GIVEWATTS Kenya.

Over 10 years of commitment!

We have been able to distribute over 40,000 products through a network of 1900 schools with an impact estimated to reach over 202,000 people.
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We have a dedicated customer care support and a network of field agents spread throughout the country
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We work with the best products on the market. All our products have a warranty of 1 to 2 years.

Beatrice has managed to save a lot of money otherwise spent on fuel costs after purchasing a GIVEWATTS cookstove, she has channeled the savings towards acquiring more necessities for her home and her 4 children. She says that she is able to cut down on time spent on cooking, allowing her children to settle down early for evening studies, thus improving their school performance. It gives her great joy to have more time for rest and bonding with her family as well as time for other activities for personal growth.
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10-year-old Hassan takes a breather while his 3-year-old brother Bulhani enjoys his milk in his favorite resting spot on a hot afternoon in the heart of Kilifi County. Bulhani loves the solar radio lamp their father purchased as the radio soothes him to sleep while his mother carries out her chores. For Hassan, the lamp provides him efficient lighting for study in the evenings without straining his eyes.
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Irene Nasimiyu lives in rural Gatundu- Kipini district. She is a mother of 9, a small hotel owner, and farmer. She grows sesame for commercial purposes. Irene shared that since purchasing a GIVEWATTS solar lamp, she has been more efficient in her work as she can operate her hotel from early morning till after the sun sets. The solar lamp is also helpful when she goes to the farm at night to monitor and collect the sesame she had put out to dry and bundle them up in readiness for transportation to the market. Irene now earns more income to support her family.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of products do you sell?
We sell both cook stoves and solar lamps
How much does a product cost?
Burn Jikokoa Classic: 3,290/= (cash price) or 3,990/= (credit price);  Burn Jikokoa Extra: 4,990/= (cash price) or 5,450/= (credit price); Sunking Boom: 5400/= (cash price) or 5900/= (credit price); Sunking Home: 60 8000/= (cash price) or 9000/= (credit price). 
Can I buy a product on credit?
Yes. We give you the Ability to buy Products on credit with a monthly payment plan within a period of 3 to 6 months.
How can I get your product?
You can get our products through contacting us via our customer care numbers at; 0795057677, 0769303688, 0713703464
Can I get my product repaired?
Yes. For cook stoves we have repair stations around the country, for the lamps you have to it to the agent who sold you the lamp or send it directly to us for repair.
How do I pay for my product?
Payment is done through Mpesa using our Paybill 824920. The steps are as Follows;
i. Go to the Mpesa Menu on your Phone
ii. Lipa Na M-Pesa
iii. Pay Bill – Enter our Paybill Number (824920) as the Business Number
iv. Enter the account number (Serial Number) of the Unit you bought.
 v. Enter your M-Pesa Pin
vi. Await a Message confirming that you have made your Payment and GIVEWATTS will also send a message of payment confirmation.
How do I register my warranty?
Step 1. SMS Burn (serial number) to 22876
Step 2. Reply to the SMS with the Customer name
Step 3. Reply to the SMS with the County name
Step 4. Reply to the SMS with the Village name
Where are you located?
Our head office is in Nairobi, Mukabi lane-Loresho
I have other questions that aren’t here, where do I go?
For more information, you can always reach us through our customer care numbers at; 0795057677, 0769303688, 0713703464