We Have Come a Long Way

but 1.2 billlion people lack access to electricity. When we talk about impact, we talk about what we want to influence and improve. It means more than looking at the financial result, it is about creating an opportunity for people to get a better life. GIVEWATTS follows up and measure specified impacts to create a greater understanding of the processes involved. 


Total Impact

  • 221,295 PEOPLE REACHED

    Every product we distribute impacts 5 people, an estimation of no of people in rural households in Kenya and Tanzania.

  • 28.2 M USD SAVINGS

    There are several potential monetary savings a household can make if they invest in clean, affordable and modern energy solutions.

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  • 166,232 tCO2 SAVINGS

    Using extensive calculation on emission reductions (ER).


    Solar lamps provide bright light that enables pupils to study longer after dark. According to Overseas Development Institute (2016), p.15, study time increases by 32%, or 1 hour per day, with a solar lamp in the household