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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

On 25 May 2018, the Personal Data Act (PuL) was replaced by the EU Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The intention is that we as individuals within the EU should be protected from the fact that information about us privately can be misused and misused. For that reason, Caminul Felix has developed an Privacy Policy. (See below). To you as a sponsor, monthly donor, recipient of a newsletter or who for some other reason is in our register, we want to say that you should feel safe. If you trust us to follow our policy, you do not need to do anything. If you want us to delete the information we have about you, we ask you to contact us and we will of course arrange it.

Privacy policy for GIVEWATTS according to GDPR

The non-profit association GIVEWATTS, org. no. 802429-5498 maintains a high level of respect for the integrity of the donor. To promote our commitment and to uphold your rights, we have developed this Privacy Policy. This policy may be updated from time to time. The persons who processes your personal data is:

Jesper Hörnberg 


Föreningsgatan 47A

211 52 Malmö


Phone: 0709 355 751



What information do we collect?

GIVEWATTS collects and uses personal information from those who receive information about the foundation's work. This includes name and address, telephone numbers, comments and e-mail addresses, gift amounts and in some cases also social security numbers.


The purpose of this personal data collection is to inform the donor about the organizations work. This is done via newsletters and via the foundation's social channels, such as Facebook and via our website.


Collection of personal data takes place through consent. This consent takes place in several different ways; by e-mail, online or physical presentations, or other contexts. It can also be done by filling out forms on the website or on other social media.


The donor has the right to take part in the information collected that concerns him, and to have it deleted from all registers, when he so wishes.

How do we use the information?

GIVEWATTS will never publish, sell, exchange, rent or distribute names (unless they have been given specifically for publication), e-mail, postal addresses or telephone numbers to our donors. GIVEWATTS will use donor contact information (email and postal address) for these purposes:

1. Distribution of newsletters.

2. Give receipts for donations, where the donor so wishes.

3. Thank donors for their donation.

4. Inform donors about upcoming fundraisers and other activities.

5. Internal analysis and registration.

6. Contact donors for changes to this policy.

We respect the donor

GIVEWATTS's fundraising work is completely dependent on donor commitment who, through their gift(s) and expressed will, wish to support the organization work. These donors are important and significant and their gifts are a prerequisite for the organization to be able to conduct its operations. It is not the size of the gift that is decisive for us, all gifts, regardless of size, are important for the GIVEWATTS’s work. The donor must be able to be sure that the funds raised are used for the purpose for which they were collected, so-called "earmarked funds". Unless earmarked or otherwise stated or communicated, the donor leaves it to GIVEWATTS to decide how the gift should be used and where it is best needed. Likewise, if the donor wishes to give his gift anonymously, this must be respected.

Financial information

GIVEWATTS mainly receives gifts via sponsors, corporate sponsors, monthly donors, fundraising letters, credit card transactions, Paypal and Swish. Also through holiday and memorial gifts, wills, collections and from donors' private collections and initiatives. All access to the donor's financial information is restricted to professional personnel who must process this information. No such information is given to any person, organization or group that does not need access to this information. GIVEWATTS only uses online services whose payment management is considered secure in terms of security and good reputation.

Cleaning routines

The purification routines happen every quarter and encompasses all the systems and registers GIVEWATTS uses in its operations, and which contain personal data.

Social Media

GIVEWATTS is active on these addresses:





GIVEWATTS has the following website: Via the websites, the visitor can register for newsletters, send forms and save / read newsletters.


A cookie is a small text-based data file that a web server can ask to be saved on the website visitor's computer. By sending the cookies back with each request to the site in question it is possible for the server to keep track of the visitor's preferences. According to GDPR everyone who visits a website must be informed about what cookies are used for and given the opportunity to refuse such use. If you do not wish to accept cookies, your browser can be set so that you automatically refuse to store cookies or are informed each time a website requests to store a cookie. Previously stored cookies can also be deleted through the browser. See the browser's help pages for more information.

Contact Us

If the supporter so wishes, she/he is able to contact GIVEWATTS with any questions and can expect a quick answer. Contact information is available on the foundation's website and in recurring newsletters. If you have questions about this privacy policy or if you want to be deregistered from any of our contact lists, please e-mail or write to: GIVEWATTS, Föreningsgatan 47A, 211 52 Malmö.