The Ripple Effect: Mr. Joshua Amadi

The Ripple Effect: Mr. Joshua Amadi

"God's Grace suffices! Got promoted to a Senior School after progressive performance for 6 years consecutively. A mean Grade of 4.1 to 4.9 to 5.4 to 6.0 to 7.6 ." Mr. Joshua Amadi wrote to GIVEWATTS.


Joshua Amadi for a year now, has been the Principal of Kuoyo Kochia Boys' Secondary School, in Rangwe sub- county close to Homa bay in Kisumu. He is married and a proud father of five children, four sons and one daughter- all having excelled in their studies. When you deliver and help others, God helps you" he said after a brief retrospective pause.


He is an Assistant Pastor in his church and believes in reverence to God and that success comes from God. He has instilled the same values in his children and taught his children to do so. He also believes in giving students spiritual nourishment and has been organizing for his students to receive frequent ministering through the school's Christian Union Group. It is no wonder that with these values, principles and faith instilled in him that he made quite an impact at the school where it all began- Siburi Mixed Secondary School.


"When you deliver and help others, God helps you."


From the get- go, students love his teaching. He attributes one of the reasons he has a good rapport with his students and why they perform well, to his method of teaching. As a teacher of English and literature he infuses humor. He loves competition and his subject has topped others in the past. This challenged other teachers to beat him in other subjects. He has also facilitated exams in 3 national schools. In 2013, Siburi Secondary School rose to the third position in the sub- county. Among other achievements, Mr. Amadi has been awarded Principal of the Year in the entire lake region and fourth position in the county which is what led to his promotion to the new school.


GIVEWATTS first started engaging with Mr. Amadi in Siburi Secondary School where he was a teacher, towards the end of 2011. The school at the time was among the first to purchase our products since inception.


According to Mr. Amadi, Siburi area is poverty prone, and some students would drop out due to cases such as pregnancy and delinquent behavior. However, he introduced counseling for students and was even monumental in helping a girl who had dropped out due to pregnancy- get back to school and eventually pursue and achieve her university degree.


For a long time during his tenure, Mr. Amadi had been campaigning for the school to be registered as a boarding school as he believed it would have a positive impact on his students. Last year before leaving the school, he together with the school management was successful in adding boarding facilities for 104 students. This comprised of dormitories for girls and boys.


Back then, there was no electricity installed in the school and generally in Siburi area, hence students had no way of spending more time to study after dark except for fuel tin lamps that have their fair share of negative health effects. Even after electricity was installed the black outs were too frequent. 


Mr. Amadi bought solar lamps from GIVEWATTS every year. There were a few challenges such as some lamps being stolen. Also, students would experience interference as the lamps they took home would be used for other functions in the house- hence raising the need for access to more lamps in order to have uninterrupted study time.


The lamps however contributed to a significant change in performance with improvement starting to show  within months of the first purchase. When Mr. Amadi first got to the school, students had not been performing well for the five years it had been running. No student had qualified to go to university. However  in 2013, the school had two students going to university. In the following year, 5 students proceeded to university, and 8 students in the next. In 2016, 15 students qualified to join university and despite frequent black outs, they had the advantage of using solar powered lamps. He was elated that these students could change their course in their lives and pursue their dreams.


In 2015, 13 out of 40 students in 2015 made it to campus. Beating out other schools in the sub- county. The school rose to the third position in the sub- county. 


"I was elated that these students could change their course in their lives and pursue their dreams."


Mr. Amadi also purchased 6 solar lamps for himself and his family. He would use one in school and others at home. They served various purposes such as lighting the kitchen and for his children to use for reading. Currently the school he is in has power supply and a generator but the supply does not reach the staff houses, hence the lamps he has come in handy. "They have served me well and are functioning at full capacity." he said.


On his views about the future of renewable energy, Mr. Amadi encourages us to keep at our mission and expand to the rest of Africa. "Go far and wide to all primary schools in the area in Siburi. The school excelled and so did the village." he added.  He attested that the people in Siburi have experienced major impact through the lamps. Children have since been excelling as they have more contact hours to study and more are going to campus.


GIVEWATTS believes in collaborating with members of the community to create a greater impact and we appreciate Mr. Amadi's passion to empower the children of Siburi area, ultimately causing this effect to spread to the rest of the community.

Photo credit: Angela Kamande

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