Testimonial by Faith Adhiambo

Testimonial by Faith Adhiambo

My thoughts on working with GIVEWATTS

My role at GIVEWATTS is to make sure the customers’ needs are met from the moment they purchase our products, to maintenance, even as we follow up on payments.  This significantly contributes to the organization’s role and vision of providing access to clean and safe energy due to the fact that we build a rapport with customers, who in turn share their experiences with the rest of the community. We ensure customers are satisfied with our products and services… the results are ultimately seen in our distribution numbers.

Working with the GIVEWATTS team gives me a great sense of pride and builds on my professional as well as personal growth. Whenever I follow up on customers to get their feedback on how the products are working for them, they express to me the extent to which their lives have changed for the better as they are able to save money, and have experienced improved health overall. Hearing the joy and sincerity in their voices makes me proud to be part of GIVEWATTS.

I also relate to the customers as I grew up in an area that to this day does not have electrical power. My family and I relied on a kerosene tin lamp for lighting. This would cause discomfort in breathing and even change the color of our curtains. On one hand, I wish I was the one consuming these products and talking about how my life has been impacted, but on the other hand, I am elated to be on the receiving end because I am playing my role in resolving the challenges these customers are experiencing.

I purchased a solar lamp for my family who up until last year still depended on kerosene lamps for lighting. They constantly tell me how much their living condition has changed.

From time to time we are faced with customers who are unable to pay their installments on time. However, we always find a solution that will strike a balance between actualizing our goals as an organization and empathizing with the customer.

The fact that GIVEWATTS not only touches lives but transforms them too- is one of the motivating factors that get me up every day to go to work.


Faith Adhiambo,

Customer Care Representative,



Photo Credit: Faith Adhiambo

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