We are striving! 

The Givewatts team has registered a 22% growth in the last month, beating our targets and overcoming the covid crisis status!
From January to March 2021 we managed to distribute a total of 1816 products in Kenya and Tanzania. The use of these products by African households will avert over 12,800 tons of CO2 to the Earth's atmosphere. Besides, we have continued to see an increase in study hours by 32%. Specially now, when children are studying mostly from home due to the pandemic.
The strong results can be attributed to 3 factors:

Structure: Strengthening the relationships between our regional managers and quality officers. 
Availability of Products: Through funding from various sources, i.e., GW Sweden, Aecf, and credit from our suppliers, the team has fulfilled the quality officers with the stock required.
Sales Platform: The system has enabled the team to analyze the data in real-time, making decisions much faster, such as related to stock and people management.
If you already support our social cause, feel free to be proud and share the milestones of our work!

Photo credit: Private for GIVEWATTS

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