How Can a School Project Create Social Impact?

How Can a School Project Create Social Impact?

Community project - by Maya Hörnberg


This is a fantastic example of how a school Project directed by a 15 year old student can generate real impact - through a forward thinking mindset.

Currently completing her final year at Malmö International School, Maya Hörnberg has spotted the necessity to help students who are living in underprivileged  conditions, in rural Kenya.  

This initiative is connected to a Community project from the school. All students were encouraged to do something for their community. Having grown up in Kenya, Maya felt she wanted to give back to a community there.

Maya picked one specific school and created a 2000 SEK fundraising goal, as she is eager to get fast and effective results. Since Maya has lived in Kenya for 9 years with her family, she knows she can make a real impact with a little bit of help from her Swedish network.  

This is how she did it:



You can follow the creative minds like Maya and build your own project to help a community in need. GIVEWATTS is here to help your initiative succeed as we can guide you through the projects and areas we are working with Clean Energy products and social assistance. You can also be a hero. 

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