Funded by Lynxhedge, Tana River 460 Lamps  & 300 Cook Stoves

Funded by Lynxhedge, Tana River 460 Lamps & 300 Cook Stoves

Funded by: Lynxhedge in October 2017




Tana River County is a county in the former Coast Province, Kenya. It is named after the Tana River. It has a population of 240,075. The capital and largest town is Hola (sometimes known as Galole). The major ethnic groups are the Pokomo, many of whom are farmers, and the Orma and Wardey, who are peaceful people. The county is generally dry and prone to drought. Rainfall is erratic, with rainy seasons in March-May and October–December. Conflicts have occurred between farmers and hardworking peoples over access to water. Flooding is also a regular problem, caused by heavy rainfall in upstream areas of the Tana River. On 22 August 2012, in the worst violent incident in Kenya since 2007, at least 52 people were killed in ethnic violence in Tana River County between the Orma'wardey and Pokomo groups.

The main source of light is kerosene, sometimes replaced by firewood/candles. For cooking the households almost exclusively use charcoal and firewood (hence a high rate of deforestation in the area). The price of kerosene is high. The lack of access to light is quoted by the parents and teachers as one of the biggest hindrances in student performance and it’s very hard to study at home, so they study only at school during the day.

GIVEWATTS provides access to clean energy products as solar lamps and efficient stoves. GIVEWATTS process has been developed into a cycle where the initial funding starts the distribution wheel. Our aim is to keep a balance between business efficiency and impact. 

Photo Credit: Private for GIVEWATTS

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