Funded by: Lynxhedge, Kisumu & Kakamega 500 Solar Lamps

Funded by: Lynxhedge, Kisumu & Kakamega 500 Solar Lamps

Funded by: Lynxhedge in March 2014


Kisumu is the third-largest city in Kenya, the principal city of western Kenya, and the second most important city after Kampala in the greater Lake Victoria basin. Kisumu County borders Vihiga to the North, Nandi County to the North East, Kericho County to the East, Nyamira to the South, Homa Bay to the South West, and Siaya to the West.

Kakamega county is in Western Kenya, on the border to Uganda. The provincial capital, Kakamega Town, is small, but the region has a very high population density and is second only to Nairobi in terms of population size. The equator runs through the green landscape, and it has an average elevation above sea level of 1,535 m. The population lives on agriculture, and are subsistence farmers. The average income is low, but relatively steady since the land is very fertile, and there are many growing seasons. The main source of light is kerosene, sometimes replaced by firewood/candles. For cooking the households almost exclusively use charcoal and firewood (hence a high rate of deforestation in the area).The price of kerosene is higher than in Nairobi by about 40%, due to the long transportation. The lack of access to light is quoted by the parents and teachers as one of the biggest hindrances in student performance and it’s very hard to study at home, so they study only at school during the day.

Photo Credit: Private for GIVEWATTS

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