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Energy poverty affects over a billion people in Africa

And it has severe consequences to our PLANET.

GIVEWATTS distributes clean energy products, radically reducing CO2 emissions and allowing children to study after dark, nurturing grades and dreams.
Donate today and be the change that you wish to see in the world!

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Wondering what happens after you donate?

The money you give today is applied to product stock and labor work, encouraging the socio-economic development that we proudly stand for.

Distribution in Africa is not always an easy task, and that is why our team is fully equipped with professionalism and endurance. Guided by the Regional Sales Managers, our officers drive through off-grid communities encouraging customers to purchase clean energy products. Once a product is sold, the stock will be refilled, explaining the multiplier effect of your donation.

As a social enterprise, we are always improving our operations to expand and increase the social impact of our actions! Make yourself accountable!

Meet Joseph Odindo for a day in Kenya



Stories of light

"GIVEWATTS is about dignity, respect for others, equal opportunity, and a hopeful future for the planet."

Fernanda Winckler

Working with the GIVEWATTS team gives me a great sense of pride and builds on my professional as well as personal growth. I also relate to the customers as I grew up in an area that does not have electrical power. My family and I relied on a kerosene tin lamp for lighting.

Faith Adhiambo (Customer Care Representative)

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